BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

Image courtesy of BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition.

The 56th BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition is well underway and is today open to the public. It is a must for anyone with a passion for science and technology. More than 1,100 students are taking part in the exhibition with projects spanning all areas of science, with topics like climate change and the impact of social media being explored.

The very best and brightest of Ireland’s school students are being represented and there is an overwhelming about of creativity, hard work and originality on display. Students have developing scientific solutions to some of the most important challenges of our time. The talent of students in Ireland is very much on display in the RDS this week.

Science - that ever changing, ever challenging and ever fascinating area - is clearly an area that captivates many minds in Ireland. Through further education and training, you can begin your career. Whether you’re interested in the environment, gender studies or creating the next world changing app – there’s a course or training to help you progress to university or begin a job in the scientific area you want.

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