Engineers – The Makers of the Future

Engineers – The Makers of the Future

Engineering. Where science, technology and design meet.

But what does a career in engineering look like? If you ask an engineer, they might tell you anything between building roads to inventing the next clean energy source to sending the first humans to Mars!

Engineering has brought us some of the greatest inventions of our time and made the world a better place to live for all of us by developing new ways to connect, travel and work.

With innovation changing every aspect of our working world and the global response to the climate crisis driving us to a carbon neutral world, engineers will play an integral role in  our future as they seek to revolutionise manufacturing, technology and improve transport systems and town planning.

So no matter how broad or specific your dream, if your ambition is to change the world, engineering may be your route to do so.

There are so many strands in this area of work, you might be surprised by the variety of courses under the engineering umbrella - from Marine Engineering to Renewable and Engineering Technology.

Further Education and Training offers hundreds of course in many different strands. Search all the further education and training engineering options available to you now at!

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