Everyday Heroes – Pharmacy Staff

Everyday Heroes – Pharmacy Staff

While most of us are being told to stay home, there are everyday heroes across Ireland – ‘essential workers’ – being asked to go to their place of work to help society continue function in its most essential ways.

From retail staff to delivery drivers, they are the people that leave their homes each day to ensure that all of us have food to eat, access to medications and health care, and keep our lives functioning to the greatest extent possible during this time.

Many of these workers have found their careers through further education and training (FET). The makers – making a difference in our society, making our lives easier during this time, and making a huge contribution to our national effort in the face of the current pandemic.

The work of these everyday heroes keeps our society functioning and we cannot overstate our gratitude! Over the coming weeks, we will look at a selection of the FET learners continuing to go to work, day after day, for our collective benefit.

Pharmacy Staff

Today, we’re looking at pharmacy assistants and technicians. We salute you for your service, making sure that people who need medications continue to receive them throughout this time.

Pharmacy staff provide us with medicines and health products day after day, always on hand with advice on safety and best practice.

They maintain patient records and operate pharmacy computer systems and with their knowledge can safely supply non-prescription medicines in accordance.

Their knowledge, advice, care and support are a key part of our health system, and as most of us will know, can provide reassurance and practical advice on a huge number of conditions through their experience and knowledge.

When we find ourselves unwell, many pharmacy staff are the friendly, helpful face that help see us through.

If you have thought about a career in this vital part of our health care system, there are lots of courses available through further education and training.

Head to and search ‘pharmacy’ to begin your journey.