#EverydayHeroes - Emergency Services

#EverydayHeroes - Emergency Services

Life is filled with ups and downs, from relative normality to extreme events. From one day to the next we never know what life will bring - the current pandemic being a case in point.

When the unexpected happens and we need emergency support, be it on a national or personal scale, we are fortunate in Ireland to have an amazing network of first responders to rely on.

In hubs around Ireland, serving towns, villages and townlands, well trained and dedicated emergency services stand ready to come to the aid of those who need them. Today, these people find themselves on the frontline of a pandemic, taking on a personal risk their own lives in order to save the lives of others.

#EverydayHeroes – Emergency Services

In the current health pandemic, much of our gratitude and focus is on HSE staff – and rightly so. But, right across Ireland there are thousands of others who have dedicated their lives to serving their local communities and keeping us all safe and well. These people include those in fire and ambulance services, An Garda Síochána, the coast guard and the defence forces.

These everyday heroes face some of the most extreme challenges on a daily basis, doing so calmly and caringly. Their ability to perform under pressure is immense.

They are a reassuring presence at every public event and festival; they deliver vital awareness campaigns in schools, organisations and communities; and at times of personal crisis, they are the people we turn to. 

The current global pandemic may have put a new and unprecedented demand on our emergency services, but these are the situations they are trained for. Through personal commitment, determination and professional training, our emergency services have been well equipped to undertake whatever challenge they encounter. For many, that training began with further education and training.

In fact, there are a whole range of courses in institutes and colleges around Ireland for beginning a career in the emergency services, from the Emergency Care Studies in Cavan Institute to the Pre-Paramedic Fire & Ambulance Service in Blackrock Further Education Institute

If you see your future in serving and protecting your country, in whatever form that might take, head to and begin your journey today.

Thanks to all those currently serving our country, and keeping us safe and well at this time.