#EverydayHeroes – Personal Trainers and Sports Coaches

#EverydayHeroes – Personal Trainers and Sports Coaches


A time after lockdown is in sight!

But, as we continue to stay home and apart to protect ourselves and others, the days at home can be long and there are only so many hours of Netflix that can be binged and loaves of banana bread that can be baked.

Many of us have been turning more frequently to exercise to stave off the boredom, and stay healthy, sane and energised. 

While our exercise routines may have moved online, our enthusiasm for fitness challenges, yoga and dance classes has never been stronger.

This is an acknowledgement of the great work that personal trainers, sports and fitness coaches of all kinds have been doing in keeping us healthy and sane throughout this time.

#EverydayHeroes – Personal Trainers and Sports Coaches

The gyms may be closed, but thanks to many instructors moving their activity online, we’ve not had to forego our exercise routines. Around the country, Irish PTs and coaches in all disciplines have been streaming and posting workouts and classes, from high intensity sessions to gentle yoga routines, for people of all levels on their fitness journeys.

At a time when stress levels are high, routines have changed, daily movement restricted and motivation flagging, it’s no exaggeration to say that their efforts are contributing to the national effort to fight this pandemic – keeping people physically fit and mentally well.

While Covid-19 may have changed the day-to-day practice of Irish PTs and coaches, taking them out of gyms and wellness centres and online instead, their positivity and upbeat attitude hasn’t been dampened.

Thousands of people working in the fitness and wellness industry have passed through the further education and training sector, learning their skills and building their knowledge to help people achieve their best and build a healthier Ireland.

From Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning and GAA Coaching and Sports Development to Yoga Teaching with Health & Wellbeing and Pilates Teaching including Somatic Studies, there is an endless range of courses across Ireland which have trained the trainers.

Thanks to all of them! The industry who have been keeping us busy doing burpees, downward dogs and generally feeling as well as we can at this time.

If you’re interested in a career in fitness – any one of the available routes – start your journey today by heading to and find the course for you.