#EverydayHeroes - Transport and Logistics

#EverydayHeroes - Transport and Logistics


While most of us stay home, in line with current social distancing restrictions, foregoing trips to gym, the beach or visits to friends and family, there are still some vital trips being made on our roads every day.

Transport and deliveries must continue to get vital supplies from A to B. So while we stay safe in our homes, others are going to work to make sure that essential such as  food, medicine and other supplies are delivered to shops, pharmacies and our homes, and  medical equipment and protective wear is delivered to health care workers across the country.

It’s a big undertaking to coordinate but who organises this? Who are the people behind the supply chains and delivery vans ensuring that essential supplies get to those who need them on time and in full?

Transport and Logistics – #EverydayHeroes

Logistics and distribution experts, professional drivers, warehouse operators and engineers are all working hard to make sure we all have the products we need, when we need them. An invisible army of people, making sure that Ireland keeps functioning.

These are the frontline heroes that we don’t hear about – the men and women who show up at hospitals and care homes delivering facemasks for the health care workers. Those who make sure there’s toilet paper, teabags and anything else we might need in the shops, and deliver food with care to older people who can not leave their homes.

And on top of the essential transportation of food and medical supplies, they are also helping to keep us busy and entertained while we stay safe at home, bringing online orders of jigsaws, books, sportswear, or baking equipment to our doors.

These essential workers have an enormous weight on their shoulders – deep in negotiations with organisations up and down the supply chain. How much we pay for items, how quickly we receive what we need and even what supplies are available is all down to these men and women.

Thank you, to all of the transport and logistics professionals for your service to Ireland!

Many of these frontline heroes have started their career with a further education and training course. If you see a future for yourself in supplying Ireland, head to