#FET Is For Everyone

#FET Is For Everyone

Further education and training (FET) is for EVERYONE! FET and the many courses, training options and apprenticeships and traineeships provide learning opportunities for everyone and in every community in Ireland.

We want as many people as possible to know about the huge variety of courses and training options available to school leavers, employees who want to upskill, those returning to education or the workforce, and businesses who want to upskill staff.

So, we’re starting the FET Is for Everyone campaign!

Every year over 200,000 learners, from every county in Ireland and from a huge range of ages and backgrounds, engage in further education and training. In 2019 alone, there were 190 different nationalities enrolled in FET!

Education and Training Boards (ETBs), who deliver further education and training in every county across Ireland are providing courses and training options right now to people who want to start their career, upskill to further their career or to retrain for new opportunities, supporting personal development and fulfilment.

FET has an option for everyone – whether it’s a school leaver starting out on their career path; a young parent taking a part time course; a business taking on their first apprentice; or someone returning to education after many years.

FET offers you, regardless of previous level of education, a pathway to go as far as you want.

Find out about just some of the thousands of people who have made FET work for them here.

As well providing school leavers a direct route into many careers after leaving cert, FET can take you further throughout your career. The idea that a burst of education in our late teens and early 20s is enough to last people their entire career is no longer feasible. Employers know this too.

Through FET, you can up-skill and re-skill, as well as benefit from ‘earn-while-you-learn’ programmes which benefits both employers and learners. These opportunities are particularly important in light of the rapid changes in how we work, brought about by Covid-19.

FET offers great opportunities to move into exciting and interesting careers, or a platform to develop the skills to flourish in further study in higher education.  For those who wish to progress to higher education, FET learners account for approximately one-fifth of the annual intake of the technological higher education sector.

FET is at the heart of every community throughout Ireland, and it enhances engagement and integration across the country. That’s why we’re calling on you to unlock your potential by exploring FET opportunities.

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