Sustainable Careers with FET

Sustainable Careers with FET

Do you want a career tackling climate change and supporting sustainable development in Ireland?

There are over 50 green skills programmes available in colleges, institutes and training centres across Ireland through further education and training (FET). These courses are available to you whether you’ve just left school, want to upskill for future roles or return to work.

As well as this, the courses are available to organisations who would like to upskill their existing staff to meet the industry demands. 

It’s a quickly growing sector with lots of employment opportunities. Are you ready for a green career?

There are courses in ‘green skills’ for your green career in the areas of:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Technology
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Sustainable creative events
  • Design
  • Sustainable applied ecology and biodiversity.

There are also now green skills modules as part of the course in lots of other further education and training (FET) programmes from renewable energy to retrofit engineering.

Just last month, the first graduation of WWETB graduates from Ireland’s first Net-Zero Emissions Building Trainers course took place as part of the Green Skills Summit at Wexford County Council. The 17 graduates will now work across the FET sector to train people in the construction industry in the retrofitting programme across Ireland.

Ready for your sustainable future?

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