Take on the climate crisis with Science Week 2019

Take on the climate crisis with Science Week 2019


Science Week 2019 is taking place all this week. This year, the focus has turned to the most important topic of our times – climate change.

The themes include climate action, how science and technology can help us create a positive climate future and the impact we as individuals can have on climate change. Find out about all the cool events happening around the country here.

Science hold the keys to a sustainable future – from developing sustainable power sources to innovation in emission free food production to feed the earth’s population. Science is at the heart of ‘emission free’ lab grown meat, the physics of sun and wind power and the social science of climate justice.

Are you interested in saving the planet? And kick-starting your career in science?

Could you be the person to develop sustainable alternatives to plastic in manufacturing? The  Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing course could be for you.

Ready to take on the biodiversity crisis? Look into Life Science: Animal & Nature Studies.

Not sure what are you want to go into but want to begin the journey? Check out the Pre-University Science course.

There are loads of Further Education and Training courses to choose from. Search them now here.