#TechWeek – In praise of tech

#TechWeek – In praise of tech

Since schools, colleges and workplaces closed their doors in line with Covid-19 social distancing measures introduced last month, we have all been adjusting to this new normal and for the vast majority of us, this has meant an even greater reliance on technology.

Whether it’s using online platforms to connect with friends and family, accessing online teaching tools to continue studies, or developing medical technologies in response to the current health crisis – now, more than ever before, technology has become vital to the way we live, adapt and function as a society.

How many of us now have a new Zoom account? And a dedicated ‘tidy background corner’ from which you make your video calls? Have you noticed the number of notifications on House Party telling you that yet another friend or family member has just joined? These technologies are helping us to come together with our friends and family in a time when staying apart is so important.

But nowhere is the development of new technologies so important now as in the race to find innovative lifesaving tech solutions to support health care workers around the world in the fight against this pandemic.

There are teams around the world, including right here in Ireland who are currently working on developing ‘fast-build’ ventilators, technology for processing and sending medical test results and technology to support contact tracing.

So, this year we want to mark #TechWeek by recognising the people around the world making it possible for everyone to stay connected, and those heroes who, in this time of social isolation, continue to go to labs and factories to develop and build the lifesaving technologies being used in our hospitals.

And while we pay tribute to the current tech workers, you might be considering following in their footsteps with a future career in the tech industry.

There are lots of further education and training courses available across Ireland, and online.

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