My Path to Podcast Stardom

My Path to Podcast Stardom


Jules Coll had conquered almost all aspects of the media – almost! Having started her career in special effects make-up for TV, she quickly moved on to presenting, script writing and production for film and television before turning her attention writing a biography. There was one aspect of the media that Jules had yet to conquer but longed to get into – radio production.

Jules tells us:

"I had been working in the media for 10 years, but I had never had experience in sound editing or recording. It’s a hard skill – not really something that you can blag. You need to spend the time learning the trade, and I really wanted to master it.”

Not one to do things by half measures, Jules signed up for two courses at the same time and started an intensive period learning all things audio. She applied for the Digital Radio Production course at Dun Laoghaire Further Education Institute (DFEi) and began the course, alongside a course at the Today FM School of Radio and Podcasting.  

“What I loved about the course in DFEi was the practicality of it. As part of the training we got to actually produce podcasts and shows. DFEi have a professional-level, fully equipped studio on campus which we were able to practice in and use for assignments. We were learning at an advanced level and covering editing software, practical skills and a vast range of subjects.

“The varied nature of the course also offers a taste of many aspects of recording so you can find what you really enjoy. The teachers were very knowledgeable, fun and as the class was quite small, we were able to get lots of individual attention.”

So what is Jules up to now with her newly learned skills? She has wasted no time:

“I’m now working as a cover producer in Today FM across all the shows, and recently launched my own podcast, ‘The Cringe Binge Podcast: My '90s Teenage Diary’.

"A few months ago, it was signed to A-Cast, the biggest podcast network in the world, one of only eight Irish podcasts signed to the network. I love recording and producing it, and it’s been great to be able to put all the training into practice straight away. We’ve had some really great guests so far and lots of interesting stories!”