Why it's never too late to return to Education

Lorraine Kavanagh comes from a big family. She is the oldest of five brothers and growing up, she always put her brothers first, rarely taking time to focus on herself. She found school a struggle, never really feeling like she fitted in and ultimately, this led her to not completely her leaving certificate as she would have liked to.

Lorraine is now a proud mother of six and after hearing about FET opportunities from Susan Menton at St. Ultan’s, an integrated Care and Education campus, she was determined to make time to focus on herself, and take a second chance at education. She enrolled in a Further Education and Training Business Administration course.

Through FET, Lorraine is now learning about new technologies and with the support of her peers, she says her confidence is growing every day. Lorraine says she is achieving things she never thought possible, studying complex spreadsheets and charts.

With classes running on two days each week, Lorraine says she can balance studying with a busy family life and looks forward to it every week.

Lorraine said, “I tell my girls, aged 12 and 13 that it’s never too late to return to education ... this is only the beginning of my journey”. She says she’s now using what she has learned from her course to encourage her own children to know the value of education and the boundless opportunities available to them.

Lorraine now has plans to go on and learn more about issues like addiction, something she has always had an interest in but never thought could be an option after leaving school early. Having faced challenges and hurdles, through FET, Lorraine has transformed her life, inspired her children, and made her goals a reality.

Learn more about how you too can you can return to Education, here.

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